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Prepare to shine and dance your heart out in style!

Prepare to immerse yourself in vibrant melodies and infectious rhythms with our upcoming 2024 collection, inspired by the captivating 'Sounds of Music' theme! Stay tuned for a fusion of creativity and culture that promises to elevate your Miami Carnival experience to new heights. Get ready to make unforgettable memories in style!

Step into the vibrant rhythm of Afrobeats with a costume that captures the dynamic spirit and colorful essence of this electrifying music genre. The "Afrobeats" costume features a stunning mix of bold patterns and vivid colors, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and energetic beats of African music.

Step into the limelight with "POP," a dazzling carnival costume inspired by the vibrant and electrifying world of pop music. This outfit is a celebration of color, energy, and bold style, perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.

Light up the carnival with the "Electric" costume, a dazzling tribute to the vibrant energy of electronic music. This eye-catching ensemble features a sleek, metallic bodice with electroluminescent wire accents that pulse to the beat of the music. The asymmetrical holographic skirt shimmers with every move, reflecting light in a spectrum of neon colors.

The "Soca" costume embodies the vibrant essence of Soca music, a genre that fuses the pulsating rhythms of African and East Indian influences, encapsulated by Lord Shorty’s vision of the "Soul of Calypso." This electrifying ensemble features a dazzling array of colors and textures designed to reflect the lively and dynamic spirit of Soca.

Step into the passionate rhythm of Spain with our captivating Flamenco costume, inspired by the vibrant and soulful flamenco music genre. This ensemble features a striking red and yellow ruffled frills, adorned with intricate lace and floral patterns that swirl with every movement. The dramatic feathers are designed for twirling, capturing the essence of traditional flamenco dance.

A mesmerizing tribute to the soulful rhythms and improvisational genius of the Jazz music genre. This captivating costume transports you to the smoky clubs of New Orleans, where every note tells a story and every step is a dance of liberation.